Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pallet recycling.

We recently bought a riding lawn mower and it came with a pallet.  So rather than just throwing the pallet out my wife suggested that I make some things about it.  

First is a "lobster crate" that she used to store gifts in for a bridal shower.  It now is used to store our outside objects, ie hammock.

Second was an end table for the front porch.

Piece descriptions:
Pretty self explanatory.  I took apart the pallet and used the pieces to construct the the two new items.  For this project I think I will let the photos do the talking.

First I took apart the pallet.  This was more difficult than I had anticipated simply because of the staples that were in it.  After it was apart I sanded each piece to remove as much dirt and grime as I could.  Then I started to assemble each piece.  Altogether problem took about 10 hours.

Finish nails
Wood screws

Pallet before deconstruction  and lawn mower

Pallet after deconstruction

"Lobster Crate"
Was assembled using finish nails.

"Lobster Crate" top view
Nothing fancy here.  The wood wasn't in good enough condition to make joints.

Table before finish
Was assembled using finish nails for the top and wood screws for the mid level support.

Table before finish

Other Notes:

Future Enhancements:
Paint or stain the table before putting it to use.

Things Learned:
Taking apart a pallet is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

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